Mixed-use concepts

Data analytics for mixed-use developments

Mixed-use projects are increasingly popular among developers around the world. But success depends on precisely tailoring the offerings to customer demands. Sophisticated data analytics hold the key. By Paul Allen

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Real estate in transition

Major social and economic changes have an impact on real estate and how it is used. But such changes need not lead to buildings being demolished. Why transformation properties are a hot topic in the real estate industry. By Christian Hunziker

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Transformation as a 360-degree task

A real estate investment needs to be sustainable, resilient and perform well. If no returns are generated, money would cease to flow into the asset class; without resilience and environmental sustainability, there is no long-term economic viability and thus no return on investment. Meeting these demands is no easy task because real estate markets are currently being buffeted by change. The Covid-19 pandemic has turbocharged existing trends such as the growth of online shopping and working from home, which in turn means that real estate assets need modernising and recalibrating.

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Surprisingly resilient

Everybody’s darling is now everybody’s challenge. Since the start of the pandemic, hotel operators, their banks and lessors have been working together to lead the asset class out of the crisis. By Maria Pütz-Willems

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Embracing a new vibrancy

Mixed use is today’s magic formula for redeveloping empty department stores and poorly performing shopping centres. But every location has specific needs, and simplistic solutions will fail. By Petra Nickisch-Kohnke

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