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Checking in... or checking out?

Although the pandemic has scared off many investors from hotel real estate, with underwriting hospitality assets proving challenging in an uncertain world, some market participants see this as the perfect moment for an anticyclical play in the sector. By Isobel Lee

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Ready for the next cycle

Hotels have been particularly hard hit by the various measures taken to counter the coronavirus pandemic. Even major property holders are feeling the effects. The prospects of a quick return to growth are good, however, provided the right steps are now taken with regard to tenant and property management. By Christian Hunziker

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Crowd-puller in mixed-use developments

The hotel concept of the future seeks interconnection in mixed-use developments, whenever possible in conjunction with three other asset classes: residential, retail and office. Hotels are the magnet, advancing to a social interface among residents, business travellers, company employees, tourists and walk-ins. Lively mixed-use developments are fulfilling the function of the small village. By Maria Pütz-Willems

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The networked upheaval

"Think radical!" – that's the drastic challenge to established business models. Digitisation will not pass any industry by and is forcing hotel operators to rethink their approach, just like their real estate partners. But how does that fit with the hotel industry’s DNA?

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Interview: Hotel trend extended stay

Apartment hotels have a market share of around 3 per cent in Germany. Property market professionals predict that this will rise to around 10 per cent by 2030. Institutional hotel investors have already discovered the appeal of extended stay concepts.

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