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The places & spaces newsletter provides regular updates on all the latest content made available by Union Investment on our portal at Today, we would particularly like to recommend the article by Rahel Wilhardt on “Urban Storage”, which looks at the emerging boom in logistics facilities. The places & spaces editorial team hopes that you enjoy reading this piece and the other insightful articles on the portal.
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Urban Storage
Logistics facilities are on the verge of a new boom. E-commerce is growing, bringing more package deliveries and traffic jams with it. Whether it's retailers, city officials or real estate professionals, everyone is looking for solutions to ensure that our cities are well supplied.
The self-driving car – a game changer for real estate markets
Mobility is changing on a fundamental level. This has an effect on the real estate industry. The self-driving car has the potential to significantly change the quality assessment of sites and make locations outside of metropolitan areas more attractive again.
Blockchain on the verge of a breakthrough
One word is setting pulses racing in the real estate industry: blockchain. This technology, which the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is based on, holds tremendous potential for change for huge segments of the real estate business. However, specific applications of it are still rare.
Working together around the globe
Legal advice in Union Investment’s Real Estate Division is provided by an experienced team of lawyers. The Legal Department Real Estate and its global network of law firms form an outstanding team to support business operations. Marc Lauterfeld works to ensure that.
Small spaces are big right now
Housing for students, young professionals, and singles is both scarce and in great demand all over the world. It’s therefore not surprising that more professional investors are entering this market.
Weathering the storm
France has turbulent economic and political times behind it. But for real estate experts, the country remains firmly established on the investment map. There are opportunities not only in the Parisian metropolis, but in regional cities as well.