Visual connections

Urban art gives people a platform. Artists are transforming cities with large-scale portraits. By Elke Hildebrandt

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Natural beauty

Brazilian street artist Fábio Gomes Trindade depicts the faces of women and children in his work. The locations of the portraits are always well chosen: flowers and leaves are part of their natural beauty.

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„Walls of Memory“

Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra incorporates superheroes and figures from contemporary history in his work. In Murcia, Spain, he painted a Salvador Dalí mural on the façade of the cultural centre.

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Expression and emotion

In her large-scale portraits, French street artist Zabou aims to express what moves people. In London, she painted a determined chess champion, the main character of a TV series.

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Hyperrealistic faces

Spanish artist Belin creates monumental faces like this one in the Punto Urban Art Museum in Salem, Massachusetts, USA. His portraits in a distinctive post-neo-Cubist style are painted freehand without templates.

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Dedication visible from afar

Under the title “Home is where the heart is”, Mexican artist Adry del Rocio dedicated a 32-metre-high portrait to everyone who has had to leave their place of origin.

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