Rock crystal

“Pure Mountain” is the slogan of Salewa, a European market leader in technical mountaineering clothing and equipment. The architecture of its headquarters seamlessly melds the mountains and the company’s image, just like a rock crystal. Visitors may use the impressive integrated climbing hall.

Alberto Sinigaglia

Olympic rings

The design of the new headquarters of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Lausanne, Switzerland, is based on integration, movement, peace and unity. The new building will have an inclined, and twisted double façade. The central staircase echos the Olympic rings. Completion is planned for 2019.


Explosive energy

Red Bull headquarters in Fuschl, Austria is represented by two buildings resembling volcanos and a herd of stampeding bronze bulls weighing 25 tonnes. The main designer is also the sculptor of the bulls, the largest cast bronze sculpture in Europe.

imago/Eibner Europa

With cream, please!

A stack of saucers? Cappuccino foam? The design of the corporate headquarters of Kaffee Partner, a leading supplier of commercially used coffee brewing machines in Germany, can be interpreted in many ways. The architecture is intended to reflect the company’s passion for coffee and thus its essence.

mauritius images/Alamy/Olaf Mahlstedt

Colourful brand

A company that wants to make everything look good also has an office that puts its product in the spotlight – Adobe Photoshop. The design of the Adobe Campus in Noida, India, displays the colours of the company’s international brand on both the inside and the outside.


Fun and games

The Lego Experience Center, also known as Lego House, represents the philosophy of the world-famous toy maker. The company’s new building in Billund, Denmark, is modelled on 21 of its iconic bricks and offers plenty of play zones and room for experimentation and creativity inside.


By Elke Hildebrandt

Title image: Lego

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