Fragile supply chains

German construction sites are facing severe shortages of essential materials.

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Investment climate: Real estate industry in flux

The real estate markets are currently being buffeted by change. The industry is already in adjustment mode, as demonstrated by the findings of the investment climate survey of 150 property companies in Germany, France and the UK conducted by Union Investment between November 2021 and January 2022.

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Investment climate: Beginning of a new property cycle

Optimism has returned to the major European real estate markets. That is the key finding of the most recent real estate investment climate survey conducted by Union Investment in Germany, France and the UK. There are many indications that the property markets are at the beginning of a new cycle, despite the pandemic not yet being fully behind us.

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Investment climate: Pivoting investors

Real estate investment will remain attractive to institutional and retail investors beyond the Covid-19 crisis, provided the right adjustments are made. As part of its investment climate study, Union Investment surveyed 150 real estate investors in Germany, France and the UK to find out what specific changes are being implemented. Office real estate was a central focus of the survey.

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Investment climate: German secondary cities favoured by foreign investors

Germany takes pole position in the acquisition strategies of European real estate investors. Alongside the top seven locations, there is also strong interest in the country’s second-tier cities.

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